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Winter Pug

Somebody is ready for winter. Sled rides and snowmen, here we come!

What do you think of my new coat - Join the Pugs
Thank you Wendy Davenschot and Loki for the photo!

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Who’s the boss?

In our house there is only one boss. He comes in the room and everybody stops what they’re doing and take notice. He sits on the couch and everybody scooches over to give him more room. He doesn’t like what’s on TV, everybody switches it to his favorite channel. He commands attention. So, when he starts barking for a treat… everybody scrambles to get him one!

Pug boss demands a treat

Posted in Pug Photos, Unstoppable Cuteness


Even Pugs don’t like Mondays. What is with this day that makes you want to stay snuggled under the covers?

Pug - monday again

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