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Someone’s Getting Lucky

Just by looking at the photo you know it’s not whomever owns that slipper… because in a few minutes it will be slobbered on and a few minutes more it will have teeth marks all over – you’ll just give up and resign to the fact that it’s now his chew toy. Lucky.

It's my lucky day Pug

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Cuteness Peek

Pug lovers, we wanted to give you a sneak cuteness peek coming soon on Facebook! As we all know, Pugs love to share ;)  OK, sometimes they love to share, but not toys of course! They do love to share cuteness :)

We have to give a “Bark Out” to Charissa H. and her cuties “Bentley & Rover!” Who could NOT love this couple?

Bentley and Rover cuteness peek

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How adorable is that? This little Pug just does not feel the same without a hug from his friend monkey.

Best Friends - Join the Pugs

Thank you Elvis for the photo!

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