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How did I get up here, and how do I get down?

Eevee says she loves Garth Brooks and that, she too, has friends in low places – usually napping on the floor.

But Eevee was shocked to learn that she has few friends in high places!

Eevee is an a highly curious and athletic Pug and she likes to test her acrobatic skills everywhere.

In fact, Eevee told us that Spider Man Homecoming is her favorite movie.

Although, she says she’s still waiting for the Spider Pug movie she was promised and has yet to see!

Regardless, Eevee has a penchant for ending up in places much higher than she thought.

Just last week, her mom had to help her down off of a neighbor’s SUV she climbed!

It’s no wonder that Eevee often wonders, “How did I get here?”

Pug asks how did I get up here?

OK, seriously, how do I get down?

When we asked Eevee the Pug what happened, she had this to say:

“Ummmm… a little help getting down please.”

We can understand the feeling.

We’ve been higher than we thought was possible and freaked ourselves out too!

But the look on Eevee’s face is priceless, as is the little Pug dumpling!

And don’t worry, Eevee is always supervised by her loving mom who immediately saved her!

We would like to thank Eevee and her mom for sharing with us on our Instagram.

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