Sleepy Pug

Awww.. the cute little Pug has fallen off her bed! Somebody save her.. before she misses one wink of sleep.

I can't get up - Join the Pugs

Thank you Paul Trenter for the photo!

Chief Pug Working like a Dog

Our Chief Pug Officer is resting from his difficult life

“It’s been a hard days night, and I’ve been working like a dog,” says Huxley, our Chief Pug Officer or CPO for short.

In reality, Huxley sleeps 80% of the day with the other 20% dedicated to playing with toys, eating, begging for food, and popping!

In this photo, Huxley is only 13 years young. He’s practically a child!

This post was updated in March 2018, and Huxley is now 15 1/2 years old! He’s as lazy of Chief Pug Officer as ever.

We suppose we can give our CPO a little latitude as 15 1/2 is equivalent to 109 in Pug years.

We believe his rest is well earned!

Chief Pug Working like a Dog

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The Humans Left Dinner

I can just imagine what the next scene is going to be. Which is why, I don’t leave the table alone with my Pug. (I’m not eating his scraps again… no way!)

Pug Ready For Dinner
Thank you Frank Ji for the photo.

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