Liv the Pug is tiny yet fiercely cute

Size matters not for Liv the Pug!

Often, big cuteness comes in small packages and the Liv the Pug is no exception.

Take her darling little nose for example? It’s beyond adorable!

What about these eyes? They can melt the hear of any Pug lover in a flash.

How about the way her curly little tail wraps around her little rump?

And the ears, they look softer than the finest cotton money can buy!

We’d like to thank @livthepugg for sharing with us on Instagram 📷

super cute liv the pug

Straight from the Pug’s mouth

Liv exclaims, “Don’t I look cute? 😊”

Indeed you do Liv the Pug! You look way beyond cute, regardless of whether it’s grammatically correct to say it.

We would be honored to snuggle with you any time, Liv!

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Cici the Petite Pug and her mom

She may be Cici the Petite Pug, but she packs a lot of cuteness!

Cici the Petite Pug is no stranger to being loved and snuggled by her hoomans.

As you can see here, Cici is in fine hands with her mom who loves her dearly.

Cici the Petite Pug says that she adores affection and loves to be showered with attention.

We are not surprised!

But how adorable is Cici? Look at this face! She’s a total dumpling.

Cici the Petite Pug and her mom

Cici tells us how this photo was taken

“Mum and I went out shopping earlier today, then met granny and papa 🐶🛍️☕”

“Can you feel the love?” 👉@cicithepetitepug says on Instagram.

We can see that Cici wants for nothing and all her wants and desires are meet by her loving hoomans!

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Pug Arthur and his castle

Adorable Pug Arthur sitting by his castle? 🏰

Pug Arthur and his castle
A brief interview with the Pug Arthur

Arthur says, sometimes life feels like a dream.

You start life as just a little baby Puglet. Then, you wake up one day and realize, what a lucky Pug you are!

As you know, my name Arthur harkens the glorious Nights of the Round Table and their great leader brave King Arthur the Pug.

While I am humble, doesn’t every Pug want a castle? To feel warm? To be safe with your loved ones?

It doesn’t have to be massive like Dover Castle with over 1,000 years of history!

For me, it my family’s castle, which is all I need to be a happy Pug.

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Help Ragnar Pug Represent Us

Friends, let’s all work to get Ragnar Pug on the 2019 Hiking Pups Calendar

Help Ragnar Pug on Instagram represent Pugs on the hiking calendar!

👉Help Pug Representation

Help Ragnar Pug on Instagram represent Pugs on the hiking calendar!

More details below. Thank you 👍⠀

From Ragnar Pug:

“Hi friends! This photo is entry #29 for the @hikingdogsofinsta 2019 hiking pups calendar contest.

They will pick the 14 photos with the most likes to be printed. So head on over to their page and show this photo some love.

💖How awesome would it be to have a Pug featured in a hiking dogs calendar?? Let’s make it happen! ❤️⠀

And a big pug hugs and love to everyone who has supported me this far all ready. 😘 Xoxox

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Double trouble with Ulises & little Thelma

Ulises & little Thelma are twice the cuteness!

How adorable are these two home mates?

And what hooman wouldn’t want one fawn and one black Puglet?

We love Ulises as a name! It’s too cute!

Double trouble with Ulises & little Thelma

Thank you to @ulitoandthelma on Instagram!


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