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As The Fresh Prince said, Parents Just Don’t Understand!

And Will Smith was right. I’m busy here, talk to the paw!

Why does my mom need to get all up in my face when I’m sleeping? It’s not cool.

Listen, I’m not playing around when I need a nap. It’s my holy hour … hours, OK sometimes more.

Talk to the Paw says Suki the Pug

Napping is my right

Listen, napping is not a privilege – it’s a right! Nothing is more important than my sleep.

OK, food is more important than my sleep, but you better have some food if you wake me up!

So you understand, the order goes food, sleep, food, napping, treats, late night sleep, and food.

Sincerely, Suki the Pug

Enjoy the 90’s

The Fresh Prince drops the wisdom.

YouTube video

Over to you, Puglover

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