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She may be Cici the Petite Pug, but she packs a lot of cuteness!

Cici the Petite Pug is no stranger to being loved and snuggled by her hoomans.

As you can see here, Cici is in fine hands with her mom who loves her dearly.

Cici the Petite Pug says that she adores affection and loves to be showered with attention.

We are not surprised!

But how adorable is Cici? Look at this face! She’s a total dumpling.

Cici the Petite Pug and her mom

Cici tells us how this photo was taken

“Mum and I went out shopping earlier today, then met granny and papa 🐶🛍️☕”

“Can you feel the love?” 👉@cicithepetitepug says on Instagram.

We can see that Cici wants for nothing and all her wants and desires are meet by her loving hoomans!

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