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🐰 Happy Easter Pug lovers from Viking Mops and Us!

Hello friend! We hope you and your family have a Happy Easter holiday this year.

We are excited to share this super cute photo with you courtesy of our long-time friends Viking Mops Pugtogrophy.

Viking Mops has brought the cuteness to you even longer than Join the Pugs!

Every photo is taken by Wendy Davenschot master Pugtogropher and Pug lover hailing from beautiful Zwolle in the Netherlands.

Happy Easter from Join the Pugs and Viking Mops

Viking Valdemar has a fascinating history

The cuteness in this photo emanates from Valdemar the Viking Pug of Wendy’s family who has won a plethora of awards across Europe!

Valdemar is named after the rich history of Danish kings.

The name comes from Old Norse, which, in turn, came from the Germanic name Waldemar, and literally translates as “famous ruler.”

We told you Valdemar comes from a rich Pug history!

As mentioned, Valdemar hails from the gorgeous city of Zwolle in the Northeast section of Holland.

Zwolle was founded around 800 CE by merchants and troops of Charlemagne!

Wow, that’s a long time ago, especially to American Pugs like us!

Incidentally, name Zwolle is derived from the Dutch word word for “hill” or “to swell” because Zwolle was established in area of rolling hills.

What does this have to do with a Happy Easter?

Great question, and we’re glad you asked!

If you love Pugs as we do, you’re part of a rich history and vast global network of those who recognize Pugs as magical, whimsical, snugglicious cuties!

Doesn’t it feel great to know you’re only a tiny piece of the Pug puzzle?

It means that Pug love is an endless tide!

In fact, there are Chinese artifacts that depict Pugs from 2,500 years ago.

Do you have pawsome Pug facts?

We would love to hear from you! You can contact us at this link any time.

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