A Sneak Peek

Pug lovers, here is a sneak peek from today’s facebook posts! We can’t stop bringing you the cuteness 🙂  We need to extend a special thank you to Kathy B. and “Jake & Mr. Miller!” What cuties!

Best Friends are Book Ends

Cuteness Peek

Pug lovers, we wanted to give you a sneak cuteness peek coming soon on Facebook! As we all know, Pugs love to share 😉  OK, sometimes they love to share, but not toys of course! They do love to share cuteness 🙂

We have to give a “Bark Out” to Charissa H. and her cuties “Bentley & Rover!” Who could NOT love this couple?

Bentley and Rover cuteness peek

Pugs Take No Guff

As all Pug lovers know, Pugs are generally docile pacifists; however, they can have their moments. All we can say is, don’t get on a Pug’s bad side or you will regret it! As you can see, this cute Puglet in boots pushed the other Pug too far. That’s not cool!

Pugs Take No Guff

Thanks to Anit V 😉

Pug Shoots and Scores

Pug Shoots and Scores

We all know Pugs are geniuses. What a lot of non-Pug lovers do not realize is how athletic, nimble, and sure-pawed Pugs are! For example, this Puglet below is a world Foosball  Champion 12 times over. They call him the “Paws of Lightening” because he is so fast, no one can see him in action! Check out these skills below!

M&M Lightening - Join the Pugs

Thank you Chris Bm and M&M!


It’s almost February! Wow, time flies for a Pug lover! How are you making out with your New Year’s Resolutions? There are so many temptations around. Take for instance this poor Puglet below! This is not the easy way to stay on one’s “Pug diet” 🙂