Pug Weighs In

Ah, the eternal struggle of the Pug and food. It’s a battle almost as old as time… or a few thousand years 🙂  We are happy to see this delightful young Pug has been hitting the gym and working off those ounces to stay in shape. After all, a Pug must maintain their cute figure!

Pug Weighs In

Pug In Boots

Did you catch the “Pug! In Boots” post on Facebook by Wendy Davenschot yesterday? So, now a question is raised! Should “Pug in Boots” have a curly Pug tail? Or, should he keep the Puss in Boots “cat” tail for his swashbuckling adventures? It is quite the predicament Pug lovers.

Let us know using the PAW buttons below! Paw Up for curly tail, Paw Down for keeping the “Puss” tail. If a Pug tail is demanded, we may have to revise “Pug! In Boots” 😉

Pug in Boots - Wendy D.

Pugs of Anarchy

We’re in love with this cute little Pug! Finally, the Pug fury is unleashed 😉  As you can see, Dexter is clearly in charge. We can’t wait to see him mount his Hog and take out some bad guys with Pug Power!

This Pug is Breaking Bad AND Cute! Thank you Laura Molay and Dexter.

Pugs of Anarchy - Dexter

Weekend Wishes

Hello Pug lovers! Our weekend wishes for all our friend’s is relaxing and snuggling with your Pug(s) and a chance to de-stress from the toils of week. Please take an example from these happy Puglets below 😉

Weekend Pugs

These Pugs definitely have the right idea! We would consider them experts of relaxation 🙂  All work and no play can take its toll, which is why, we feel, we are fortunate to have Pugs in our lives!

Sneak Peek at Cuteness

Sneak Peek at Cuteness

Welcome to Pug lovers! We thought we give a sneak peek at this super cute post coming soon to Join the Pugs on Facebook. It’s not easy being so cute that you are constantly pursued by the Pugarazzi! We wish this Puglet the best of luck and think they are well-disguised.


Thank you to Linda Reinsone and Pug Power!