Pug In the Park

It’s a little known fact that Shakespeare was a huge Pug lover. Some even theorize that his Pug, Lear, may have been the real brains behind the operation 😉

Pug In the Park

Just Like Dad

This Pug’s hero is his dad. Just look at him copy him looking sharp in a tie. Next, he’ll be bringing home the bacon, too!

Just Like Dad - Join the Pugs

Thank you Mateja Ribici and Cezar for the photo!

Mondays Make Me Sleepy

The weekend can’t over already! That is not fair. We even feel bad our Pugs, like this young one below. They are tuckered out from a long, hard, Weekend-long, work effort!

Mondays Make Me Sleepy

Thank you to Alejandra Prada Marmolejo for this super cute photo!

Party Pug

I bet this Pug is great at parties. Just look at how cool he is with those giant headphones. He can also do a mean strut towards the treats table.

Let's get this party started - Join the Pugs
Thank you Maity de Neve for the photo!

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