I don’t know if this Pug is trying to pull my leg, but he claims he doesn’t know what “cute” means. Pug in a basket wearing a neck bandana… doesn’t know what cute means… right, little Puglet, sure you don’t! You cutiepie!

cute Pug in a basket  - Join the Pugs

Pug Punch

Everybody at the party was wondering where this little Pug went. It was only after all the chit chat did they notice that the punch bowl had an unusual content. A snoozing Pug! I wonder where’d all that punch go?

pug punch


This is such a touching photo of a Pug who lost his hind leg but is shuffling on – thanks to his prosthetic legs. Now, he’s not just standing tall, he looks like Robo-Pug when he does it, too!

Robo Pug

Pugs of Anarchy

We’re in love with this cute little Pug! Finally, the Pug fury is unleashed 😉  As you can see, Dexter is clearly in charge. We can’t wait to see him mount his Hog and take out some bad guys with Pug Power!

This Pug is Breaking Bad AND Cute! Thank you Laura Molay and Dexter.

Pugs of Anarchy - Dexter

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