Dive Pug, Dive!

Dive Pug, Dive, for your toy!

In a blink of an eye, the toy was descending into the murky depths of our family pool.

What is a Pug to do? I couldn’t let my beloved toy fall out of reach forever! But there’s water down there.

I know hoomans think that Pugs hate water and mostly sink like rocks, but this is not true.

While many Pugs seem lethargic near water, we actually invented diving, or at least SCUBA!

How Isabelle the Pug invented SCUBA

You see Jacques Cousteau was a lifelong lover of Pugs. How could he not be?

In 1942, Jacques was faced with the conundrum of how to supply air to his team underwater.

While Jacques paced to and fro across the planks of his craft, his beloved Pug Isabelle had the solution.

She turned to Jacques who was out of his mind with worry.

Since she was French, she smacked him twice – once for each side of his face.

Isabelle said to him, “You silly hooman, don’t you see? The solution is so simple, eh. All you need to do is install a demand valve system for compressed air!”

Jacques couldn’t believe his ears! He said, “Of course Isabelle, this makes perfect sense! Now I can make my SCUBA system. How could I have been so blind?”

Dive Pug - Join the Pugs

I had no idea Pugs will go to great lengths just for their beloved toys. Just look at the determination on that face!

But MY toy was still in the pool!

And I’m not an aquatic genius like Isabelle the Pug of SCUBA fame. What would I do?

I would have to take action immediately. I decided to jump in after my toy!

Wouldn’t you know it, my hooman had my toy in their paw just below the surface and I barely got wet.

And since that day, I decided to jump into pools or the ocean every chance I get!

Sometimes, you must take a leap of faith, like Jacques Cousteau did with Isabelle the Pug, and everything will work out.

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Well, Excuuuse Me!

Yeah, so I was about to sit down on the couch to catch up on some episodes of my favorite TV series, when I almost squished this little Pug. That look he gave me, says it all. Looks like I’m gonna have to sit on the floor.

pug relaxing

Thank you Völgyesi Katalin and Brutus from Zürich for the photo.

Pug Queen Arrives

As Pug lovers, we all know they can be occasionally pushy. Take this Pug below, for example. She seriously expects a human to do her ever bidding! Well, OK, maybe we all do a little bit with our Pugs 😉

savagely cute puglet

Pug In Boots

Did you catch the “Pug! In Boots” post on Facebook by Wendy Davenschot yesterday? So, now a question is raised! Should “Pug in Boots” have a curly Pug tail? Or, should he keep the Puss in Boots “cat” tail for his swashbuckling adventures? It is quite the predicament Pug lovers.

Let us know using the PAW buttons below! Paw Up for curly tail, Paw Down for keeping the “Puss” tail. If a Pug tail is demanded, we may have to revise “Pug! In Boots” 😉

Pug in Boots - Wendy D.

Gamer Pug

When this Pug heard they were going to play a game, he did not know it was going to be like this. But, for the sake of his human, he went along with it. Here he is being a good dog, pretending he’s still playing.

Will finish level when awake - Join the Pugs
Thank you Priscilla Deloera and Piglet!

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