Work Getting You Down?

Then you take a look at this cute little Pug. The sheer cuteness should revitalize you and last you for a while… I know it did me!

Have Fun At Work Pug

Thank you Ákos Léhárt and “Oddie” for the photo.

Star Pugs – The Force is Strong with This Pug

Star Pugs IV – A New Pug Hope

The Star Pugs battle of good versus evil has never been better represented than by Jedi Knight Pug Master Obi-wan Pugnobi!

Below we see the Star Pugs Jedi knights locked in mortal combat with Pug Vader determined to be victorious.

However, the Force is strong General Pugnobi, as we can see from this Star Pugs image.

We’re lobbying for a FULL Star Pugs movie series.

Pug Power, and may the Force be with you!

Star Pugs - The Force is Strong with This Pug

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Treat? No, problem!

Would you look at this adorable little Pug. Do they go to cute puppy eyes school or something? Because, whenever they give me that look, I can’t help myself from giving them all the treats they want!

Can I have a treat - Join the Pugs

Thank you Colette Perras for the photo!

Cup O’ Pug

Mornings are tough… you have to wake up early, get ready for work and think about how to get through the day. Which is why I always try to get a cup of joe, to get me going. But a cup o’ Pug? Now, that will last me all day!

cup pup pug

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