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It’s playtime!

What I love about Pug puppies is that they are just so adorable when they play! Scuttling about with their tiny paws and giving you the googly eyes to ask you to join them. Thank you Daniel S. and Luzia for the photo!

Yoga Pug

Humans are not the only ones who can do Yoga. Just look at this Pug, giving ‘downward dog’ a whole new meaning! Thank you Emira B. Shaipi for the photo!

Pug Weighs In

Ah, the eternal struggle of the Pug and food. It’s a battle almost as old as time… or a few thousand years 🙂 We are happy to see this delightful young Pug has been hitting the gym and working off those ounces to stay in shape. After all, a Pug must...

Full Chairs and Empty Plates

Can a Pug get some food on their empty plate? We are happy that one of our recent posts on Facebook has been shared so much! We feel this photo illustrates the exact look on your Pug’s face when they realize there is no more food for them. Heartbreaking, but oh...

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