Pug Magic

Breaking News! Pugs Take Over the Animal Kingdom

On Sunday, January 20 we published amazing work by our friend, and master photographer Wendy Davenschot on our facebook page. As you can see, Pugs have begun their invasion of the animal kingdom, thus marking another paw forward to Global Pug Domination!

If you missed it, here is a taste! We can see that clearly, The Pug King is the true master of the jungle!

The Pug King

Of course, we all know that Pugs will protect their human friends to the ends of the Earth. Here we can see the rarely photographed Pug-Man on his way to fight crime!


100,000 Pug Lovers on Facebook

I am truly humbled. 100,000 Pug lovers on Facebook in under 6 months! This only confirms my belief that we are one step closer to Global Pug Domination 😉  Thank you to Wendy Davenschot and beautiful Seloy for this amazing photo!

Most importantly, thank you Join the Pugs friends all over the world! We are looking forward to bringing you the cutest year ever! – Spencer AKA @pugboy

100,000 Pug lovers on Facebook