Introducing Pug Groups

It’s Alive

Pug lovers, we are pleased to officially announce the Join the Pugs Groups! There is now a link in the Navigation that will take you there. The Groups are designed to allow you to share any aspect of the Pug experience or your Pug Love! Moreover, the Groups are very easy to use and offer tools that allow sending private messages to other members, calendaring to organize Pug parties, and much more! Please feel free to explore the Groups and use them as much, or as little, as you like. We hope you make wonderful friends with fellow Pug lovers, and above all, we want you to have fun!

Regards, Pug Development Task Force

Pug Fourms

Pug Development Update

Pug Developer Task Force reports that the “white” issue has been resolved! You may have noticed your comments and some other areas that appeared to be white on a very light background resulting in difficult to read text. Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Pugs are hard at work to ensure we have the best Pug community on Earth!

Head Pug Developer