I Don’t Feel White

Since becoming aware of white Pugs, it’s surreal. “They’re not really Pugs.” “They’re not genetically sound.” AND “They’re totally safe.” “You can register them with AKC.” Pretty divisive! We believe all Pugs are great; however, we only promote safe breeding.¬† As long as white Pugs are breed responsibly, we only see cuteness ūüėČ So…

White Pugs – What’s the deal?

What do you think about white Pugs? Are they “real” Pugs? Are they safe? Should they be allowed to compete? Bark your heart in the comments below!


I don't feel white


It’s almost February! Wow, time flies for a Pug lover! How are you making out with your New Year’s Resolutions? There are so many temptations around. Take for instance this poor Puglet below! This is not the easy way to stay on one’s “Pug diet” ūüôā


Introducing Pug Groups

It’s Alive

Pug lovers, we are pleased to officially announce the Join the Pugs Groups! There is now a link in the Navigation that will take you there. The Groups are designed to allow you to share any aspect of the Pug experience or your Pug Love! Moreover, the Groups are very easy to use and offer tools that allow sending private messages to other members, calendaring to organize Pug parties, and much more! Please feel free to explore the Groups and use them as much, or as little, as you like. We hope you make wonderful friends with fellow Pug lovers, and above all, we want you to have fun!

Regards, Pug Development Task Force

Pug Fourms

100,000 Pug Lovers on Facebook

I am truly humbled. 100,000 Pug lovers on Facebook in under 6 months! This only confirms my belief that we are one step closer to Global Pug Domination ūüėČ ¬†Thank you to Wendy Davenschot and beautiful Seloy for this amazing photo!

Most importantly, thank you Join the Pugs friends all over the world! We are looking forward to bringing you the cutest year ever! – Spencer AKA @pugboy

100,000 Pug lovers on Facebook

Pug Love

Pug lovers, I am truly humbled by the amazing response we have had with JoinThePugs.com! It’s wonderful to know how many people share my love for such amazing,¬†inspiring, gentle and giving¬†¬†creatures. Thank you to everyone, and Pug Power!

funny fawn pug

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